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I’ve lived my life in the worlds of exercise and the arts. I began dancing at three and bodybuilding at 19. I am as passionate about positive psychology and behavior change as much as I am dedicated to the stage, the page and the studio. Together, they’ve helped to cultivate what I like to call “the science and art of living.”

In my full-time career, I specialize in workplace well-being, designing, implementing, and managing global well-being strategies and programming. As a practitioner, I create and facilitate engaging well-being presentations, lead mindfulness and yoga sessions, and have individually coached hundreds of people. I’ve worked in the retail, financial, and legal sectors encouraging and enabling thousands of people to live healthier and happier lives. Prior that, I spent half a decade as a personal trainer and master instructor motivating people get moving. Something I continued to do as a group fitness and cycle instructor. 

As a certified wellness coach, I know how important well-being is to living a well-balanced life. As a yoga teacher, fitness expert and performing artist, I have a pretty good idea how to motivate you to live a healthier, happier and more satisfying life. Let’s be well together.

To learn more about my artistic practice, visit my performance website www.ladypants.com.

be flexible, be fit, and be free!



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