websize final retouch Mary 20185I’ve lived my entire life in the worlds of exercise and the arts. I began dancing at age 3 and began bodybuilding at age 18 and I haven’t stopped since. Throughout my life, I’ve cultivated what I like to call “the science and art of living.”

I am fascinated with exercise science, positive psychology, and behavior change as much as I am dedicated to the stage, the page and the studio.

I am blessed to have trained, studied, and performed with an international array of artists, professors, and fitness experts who have informed the basis of the b3 methodology.

I specialize in corporate wellness, designing and managing award-winning programming. I currently serve as the Wellness Coach and Program Manager for a major multi-billion dollar Fortune 100 company here in NYC. I am blessed to have the opportunity to motivate and inspire employees to live healthier and happier lives every day whether it’s through a coaching session, yoga class, workshop, webinar, or special event.

As a wellness coach and certified yoga teacher, I know the vital importance of a flexible mind and body. As a personal trainer, and group fitness and cycle instructor, I have a pretty good idea how to help you get moving and to keep you motivated. As an arts educator and performing artist, I can help you unleash your innate creativity.

For a more detailed look into my career, please visit my LinkedIn profile HERE.

be flexible, be fit, and be free!



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