About Katherine

Katherine Adamenko, MA, CHWC, RYT, CPT

I’ve been immersed in well-being, fitness, and the arts throughout my entire life. I am fascinated with the theories and applications of positive psychology and behavior change, enthralled by the positive impact of exercise on the body and mind, and passionate about performing and creative self-expression. Together, they’ve helped to cultivate what I like to call “the science and art of living.” And it’s a fundamental part of the bend burn breathe ethos.

My area of expertise is building and leading workplace well-being programs for multi-billion dollar companies. It was a natural transition from my prior career as a personal trainer and fitness manager. Stepping into the world of well-being also coincided with my recovery from bipolar II disorder. My vigilance and determination to live a well-balanced and joyful life paid off. I am living testament to the very healthy habits and well-being practices I’ve been promoting every day at work for over a decade.

My personal story and professional experience make me uniquely qualified to help you. I possess deep knowledge about the challenges of balancing work and home responsibilities, struggles with weight loss and motivation to exercise, and managing stress in an increasingly plugged-in world through thousands of personal training and individual and group coaching sessions. I’ve created and facilitated engaging and accessible well-being programming that has enabled thousands of working professionals to live healthier and happier lives on a global level.

As a well-being manager, certified wellness coach, yoga teacher, fitness expert, and accomplished performing artist, it’s my mission to empower you to live your proudest and best life.

To learn more about my well-being career, certifications, and speaking engagements visit my LinkedIn profile.

To learn more about my artistic practice, visit my performance website www.ladypants.com, and my Youtube channel.

Be flexible, be fit, and be free!