The b3 story

I love to share the evolution bend burn breathe (b3) and its application to various areas of well-being. During my time as a personal trainer (and as an amateur champion bodybuilder in my 20s and 40s), I already knew about the importance of a well-rounded fitness routine of flexibility, strength and cardio. I called it the “fitness stool.” By 2015, I found that my workout routine was just that. I was passionate about three areas of fitness and found myself actively practicing (and in parts teaching) three things: yoga, weight lifting and spinning. The very first iteration of bend (flexibility), burn (strength), and breathe (cardio). As I got more serious about yoga, I was asked to teach a cardio yoga class, and yet another iteration of bend burn breathe was born; I could take the same b3 concept and apply it to yoga; bend (flexibility-focused yoga postures), burn (strengthening yoga postures), and breathe (short cardio intervals). I have since left that concept to new yoga innovators, and now happily marry twenty years of yoga practice and the b3 ethos into teaching to more traditional vinyasa yoga classes. I still “bend” and “burn”, but the “breathe” part is saved for pranayama, meditation and relaxation.

Simultaneously, I had been studying positive psychology, was already an avid fan of self-improvement for a decade, happily ensconced in my career as a corporate wellness specialist for three years and resurrecting my performance art life. And I loved to write. It’s no surprise that the wellness lightbulb went off! I took bend burn breathe to another level and applied it to the well-known triumvirate of well-being; mind, body and soul. bend -cultivate a flexible and resilient mindset; burn – adopt a healthy lifestyle; breathe – engage in activities that bring you joy and nourish your soul. Soon after, I became a certified wellness coach focusing on the ins and outs of behavior change and where I tried out this new methodology to hundreds of corporate employees.

As I continue to teach, research and practice well-being, the bend burn breathe philosophy deepens more and more, and this is what this site and my blog are all about. It’s an honor to share my experience, expertise, well-being practices, and resources with you. be flexible, be fit, and be free!