Bend Burn Breathe Debuts!

WELCOME to my new blog BendBurnBreathe! It’s been a long time coming and I am excited to share my insights into fitness and wellbeing with you. Take a look at the “about” section to learn what BendBurnBreathe is all about. In short,  I’ve been in the fitness and wellness industry for coming on a decade. I have lots to share with you, from workouts to my quest to better understand what can make us happier. One thing is for sure, I believe that a big part of it is exercise and a positive attitude. Are you stuck on how to get started or bored with your current routine? Ask yourself this:


In one of the seminars on exercise that I created for work as a corporate wellness specialist, I asked folks to think about what their bodies loved to do when they were kids to better delve into what types of exercise they might like to do now.

free pixabay kids-2030260_1920 (1)

I remember running around and playing “Charlie’s Angels” and skipping my heart out in double dutch. I also loved to dance, in fact I started dancing when I was three. Needless to say, I became a jazz queen at 41 and I am a big Zumba fan to this day! Can you remember what your body loved to do as a kid?

Close your eyes and think about the kinds of things you used to love doing. Was it running around in the park or on the soccer field? Did you love hopscotch or riding your bike for hours? How about the high kicks in karate? Write down a list of all the things you can remember.

Now, think about the rest of the things your body loved to do up until now. Did you put on the headband and leg warmers to Jazzercise? Were you part of a baseball or basketball team as a teenager? Did you discover a new sport in college like rugby or weightlifting? Add it to the list.

One last thing. Write down all the things that you’d like to try. Write it down, even if you think you can’t do, whether you believe you are uncoordinated or too unfit. Just write it down.

So there you are – you have a big list now to choose from! Your homework is to choose one thing from the list that excites you the most. It may even be the one that you swore you’d never do again but deep down really want to. Now do the research. Check out your local gym, do an online search for studios nearby, check out your local community center, sports store, or library for free or low-cost classes.

Share your journey with a friend or loved one. Heck, ask them to join you. Most importantly have fun!




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